Listen Up...Here's The Deal!!!


Respectfully Submitted by:
Asbury S. Whole' III  (Call me "As")
CEO, COO, CFO, BMOC, SOB, MFIC and WebMaster

A Collection of Observations, Rants, Skewed Angles and Fuzzy Logic From Our Leader!!

"This World Is Made For People Not Cursed
With Self-Awareness!"

                                          Annie Savoy (Bull Durham)

Knowledge Is Good!! Emil Faber - 1904

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It's A Low Net World

"I Tried Therapy, But It Just Wasn't A Very
Fun Way To Make A Living!!"

                                                   As Whole' III (The Golf Hole)

In this world of entitlement the player who works hard to better himself is left with just that...a bettered self and the 2nd place trophy! Golf has an entitlement system whereby ineptness in the presence of a dispassionate need to improve yields rewards. Skill and hard work are being subjugated by incompetence and a perceived right. It has taken away the motivation necessary for improvement. Time was...single-digits were admired and sought after by all...not always achieved, but the passion and pursuit were there. To be sure, there were a few who didn't subscribe, but in the end, those were the ones who usually ended up playing a lot of onesomes! In our sport there are PLAYERS and there are those who just PLAY. Like a bad marriage...neither will ever understand the other!

Common Sense...May It Rest In Peace!

"Nothing is idiot proof to a sufficiently motivated idiot." If it's so common, why is it so hard to find?
"Never attribute to malice what can be sufficiently explained as stupidity!"    

"I'm the Spanish moss hanging from the live oak tree. I'm what's left of the panther and the old manatee. I'm an eagle in flight, I'm the ocean's roar. I'm Florida, need I say more?"

Bobby Hicks (Folk Singer - Tampa, Florida)